ID Cards/Room Keys

The Campus Safety & Security Office issues photo ID cards for students, faculty, staff, temporary workers, community members, and visitors (see Visitors Information). If you lose your ID card, you may have it replaced at a nominal charge. ID cards may be obtained during regular hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Identification Cards / Access to Student Residences

Student identification cards are equipped with a magnetic strip which, when swiped through card readers, allow for student entry to buildings. Tampering or misusing the card reading system will result in a $50 fine to the house or individual responsible, and disciplinary action.

Students are required to carry College identification cards and to produce these cards at the request of any College official, including faculty and administrative staff members and campus safety officers. Refusal to do so will be considered a serious offense. Any student who alters a Williams identity card or who allows any card issued in his or her name to be used by any other person is subject to disciplinary action.

Lost cards should be reported to the Campus Safety and Security Office located in the basement of Hopkins Hall immediately. The card will be replaced and the student charged $15.00.


A room key or code is issued to each student upon checking in. Students must sign for and pick up keys or codes in person—keys may not be picked up by friends or other acquaintances. When not in their rooms, students should lock their doors and carry their room keys with them. If a room key is lost, the Facilities Office should be contacted for a replacement and a lock change. A charge of $100.00, billed to a student’s account, will be assessed. Student identification cards will be requested to confirm identity and room assignment. Students who do not return keys when they vacate their rooms will be charged $100.00 for the unreturned key. This charge is not refundable. Dorms with locknetics coding system also carry a $100.00 charge if codes are forgotten or given out to friends and then requested to be changed.

Students should carry their room keys with them. When requested by a student, the Campus Safety and Security Office will open an inadvertently locked room or lock a room inadvertently left open once during the academic year, but will charge $10.00 for each subsequent request for room opening or locking by the same student. Students whose rooms are locked or unlocked by Campus Safety and cannot produce a key at that time, must then show their key to the Facilities Office by noon on the next business day or the Facilities Office will notify the College locksmith of a lost key. The room lock will be changed and the student billed as described above.