Health Center TransportSick or injured students may request transportation to the Health Center or other medical facilities within two miles of the campus, and to and from classes or other college educational functions.  Transports between the College and North Adams Regional Hospital (NARH) for drinking-related cases and other medical emergencies will be handled by Village Ambulance Service (911). Transports to the NARH Emergency Room for non-emergency treatment or evaluation, when an ambulance or EMT assistance is not required, may be provided by CSS. All medical transports are contingent on the availability of CSS officers and the staffing of the department. Students are encouraged to utilize public transportation, a taxi service, or a friend with a vehicle.

Students requesting escort service will be transported by a CSS officer or, within a reasonable walking distance, accompanied by student escorts through the Student Escort Service at x4400. CSS transportation is not available for social activities, to transport luggage or other personal belongings, or to serve as a taxi service in bad weather.